Emma Morgan-Bennett (Co-founder and co-executive director) Emma Morgan-Bennett attends Swarthmore College as a McCabe scholar. She graduated Bard High School Early College in 2016. She has been involved in the activist community since being enrolled in elementary school at Manhattan Country School. As a member of her high school’s feminist club she organized her schools participation in the viral “I Need Feminism Project”. After being elected president of the Feminist club, STAGE, she organized a citywide high school conference “Teens Talk Feminism”. She was the founder of Bard’s Black Student Alliance. During the Black Lives Matter Movement she was one leading student organizer. Recently, she organized a teach-in at Bard entitled “BHSEC Community Day Teach-in: Race, Identity, and Activism.”  At Swarthmore, she is a varsity athlete on the volleyball team. She is heavily involved in Swarthmore's theater and music communities. 

Kai Williams, Founder and Co-Executive Director 

Kai Williams, Founder and Co-Executive Director 

 Emma Morgan-Bennett, Founder and Co-Executive Director

 Emma Morgan-Bennett, Founder and Co-Executive Director



Kai Williams (Co-founder and co-executive director): Kai Williams attends Wesleyan University. She graduated from the Dalton High School in 2016. She is a ten-time Scholastic Art and Writing Awards winner, four year participant in the Writopia Lab Playwriting Festival, the 2014 high school winner of the Worldwide Plays Competition for Best Dramatic Play, a graduate of Writopia Lab's fiction fellowship and a 2015 alumna of the National YoungArts Foundation. Her roots in social justice and activism stem from her participation in the Manhattan Country School middle school activism projects, and since then her achievements in activism had grown to include leading the Women of Color affinity group at the Dalton School, participating in the acclaimed documentary "I'm Not Racist, Am I?" and helping to organize a school wide walkout for the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Our Board of Advisors:

 Tomie Arai - Visual Artist

Akemi Kochiyama - Director of Development at the Manhattan Country School

Jennifer Morgan- Professor in the Social and Cultural Analysis Department at NYU

Ian Quinlan - Actor and Theater teacher at the Dalton School

Robert Sloan - Head of Theater Department at the Dalton School

Kim van Doorn- Managing Partner at van Doorn Consulting Group

Tensie Whelan- Director of Center for Sustainable Business at NYU Stern