The Roxanne Elings Grant

The Elings Grant, named after Roxanne Elings, is awarded in honor of Elings’ avid dedication to increasing equity within performing arts and the world at large. Elings’ support and enthusiasm for E.A.T.T. demonstrates a tireless belief in the potential of art to change our world for the better-- a belief we celebrate as central to E.A.T.T.’s identity. This $900.00 grant provides support for an artistic endeavor aligned with the mission of Eat At The Table Theatre Company (E.A.T.T.) to bring artists of color from the margins to the center of performance opportunities. The grant recipient is expected to produce a final summer project or product that is directly impacted by this mission as well as a reflection of their process.


E.A.T.T.’s mission is as follows:

We aim to create an environment in which our artists can teach, learn, and challenge one another through their engagement with racial dialogues and theatre. Our company fosters the creativity of young artists, not just as actors, but as storytellers documenting their own experiences and critically engaging ideas of race, culture and identity. Such stories have not always been prioritized on stage. We aim to provide a chance to validate our actors’ experiences, to show them (and the larger community) that our stories are as important as anyone else’s.

The Elings grant supports any type of performing arts project for applicants between the age of 14-23. Although E.A.T.T.’s primary platform is theater, grant applicants may base their project in any performing arts discipline so long as they demonstrate how their project aligns with our core values of self-representation and engagement with community, culture, and identity. The grant amount that will be awarded for the summer of 2019 is $900.00. This grant can act as a supplement for artists that already have procured sponsorship for the summer of 2019, although priority will be given to artists with demonstrated need. Recipients will be required to submit a reflection by the beginning of September describing the nature, successes, and challenges of their project and how their project  reflected E.A.T.T.’s aim to increase diversity in the performing arts community. Recipients must provide periodic summer updates and extensive documentation of the final project (for ex. a video of a final performance). The grant will be delivered in two payments; the first $800.00 upon acceptance and the second $100.00 upon completion of said final project and the submission of a final reflection.

The deadline to apply (through the link below) is June 20th by 11:59pm. No late applications will be accepted. If you have any questions please reach out to

We look forward to reading your applications!

How to Apply:

Click or Copy & Paste the following link which will take you to a google form through which you must submit your application by June 20th, 2019: